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Netspeed Technologies is a comprehensive network solution provider that was incorporated to take advantage of the emerging market for IT and telecommunication solutions in Nigeria. We offer our clients a wide range of services and solutions, employing the latest in communication and corporate networking technologies.

Our Services

CCTV Surveillance and

VSAT Services

UPS, Inverters
and Solar Streetlights

Computer Systems

Computer Network(LAN)

Fire Alarm, Smoke Detectors
and LED Bulbs


Structured Cabling
(Fibre and CAT6)

At Netspeed we install CCTV Cameras.
Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, limited set of monitors. It differs from broadcast television in that the signal is not openly transmitted, though it may employ point to point wireless links. CCTV is often used for surveillance in areas that may need monitoring such as banks, homes, casinos, airports, military installations and convenience stores.

At Netspeed we install VSAT satellites.
The name VSAT means Very Small Aperture Terminals. They are small, software-driven earth stations (typically 0.9-2.4 meters, which equates to 3-8 feet, though larger units are available) used for the reliable transmission of data, video, or voice via satellite. It requires no staff or additional technology to operate it. It simply plugs into existing terminal equipment. No matter how remote or dispersed your operations are, VSATs provide a link to your headquarters. VSAT can provide remote diagnostics, remote monitoring, and data streaming services from remote or hazardous sites. Also for WAN Connectivity.

At Netspeed we install Various types of Inverters
We supply and install various types and capacity of uninterrupted power supply devices ranging from 650VA to 40KVA UPS. Supply and installation of power inverters in various ranges and installation of solar powered inverters.

At Netspeed we sell and services computers and peripherals
we can also provide network peripherals such as print servers, firewall servers, mail servers, Internet and modem sharing devices. We also supply printers/printer consumables, computer systems and laptops ranging from different products such as Dell, HP, Toshiba etc.

At Netspeed we install Computer Networks
We provide point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network links to meet client demands for voice, fax, data and video services. We offer tailor-made solutions for clients in countries where terrestrial infrastructure is non-existent, unreliable or too expensive. Via our partners’ teleports, remote sites get direct access to the public digital networks or will be connected to the corporate network via terrestrial digital leased line. Our services include on-demand applications as well as long-term capacity options.

At Netspeed we install Fire Alarms.
A fire alarm system is number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other emergencies are present. These alarms may be activated from smoke detectors and heat detectors.

At Netspeed we install Internet Broadband services.
Broadband provides satellite-based high-speed two-way Internet Services for Internet Service Providers and corporations and also internet services via fiber link. Flexible bandwidth allocation from 64 kbps to 155 mbps, satellite bandwidth-on-demand features and additional services like VoIP or VPN meet today’s client demands.

At Netspeed we install Fibre Optics and CAT6 cables.
Fiber optic cable is the highest capacity and fastest communications medium in the world. Operating at the speed of light, fiber conveys trillions of telephone calls and computer links across the globe in an instant.

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